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Sending follow up email if receiver doesn't reply

  • 22 January 2021
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Is there any integration that can help us to send an automatic email (gmail) if the receiver doesnt reply in a week to our previous email?


The reason is that, sometimes, our customers that asked for an estimate, after receivng it, don’t even reply. So we are wondering if there is any way to remind them that we are still here. Sent invoices are automatically tagged as “sent estimates”.




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It might be possible with multiple zaps, if you kept a catalog of the emails you were sending on a Google Sheet or some external Database. Otherwise, I would think you need a CRM like ActiveCampaign or Infusionsoft. 

  • What system are you sending invoices from?
  • And are they replying back to the Gmail Address that sent them? 

Assuming you are sending the first email through automation and everything will be through Gmail. Something like this might work.

You could try modifying so that you have 3 zaps.

First Zap: 

  1. Some Trigger Step
  2. Send Gmail Email containing Invoice. 
  3. Create Row on GSheet with the email of who was sent the invoice, the date the invoice was sent, a third column with a formula (=today(), to track what day of the week it is), a fourth column “Replied” that just marks whether the reply has been received or not, a fifth column that subtracts the date difference between the date you sent the invoice and the today’s date, and finally a “Trigger” Column with a formula that watches the to see if the date difference reaches 7 & Replied is not Yes. 
  4. An update Row action to update the new row with the formulas. I’ve written about how to do this here 

Second Zap: 

  1. Gmail Trigger (email received, set to only trigger on emails matching a search if you want complete automation). You could also set it up to only trigger on starred or labeled emails if you want more control. You are watching for someone to reply to the invoice sent emails.
  2. Find GSheet Row for email address of the person who replied
  3. Update “replied” cell for found row to Yes”

Third Zap: 

  1. Google Sheet to trigger on updates to the trigger column (triggers when the value changes to Send Email
  2. The follow up email. 

The Sheet might look something like this. 

Here would be the formulas 

  • Today’s Date: =Today()
  • Day’s Since Sent: =DAYS(C2,B2)
  • Trigger: =IF(AND(E2>=7,Not(D2="Yes")),"Send Email","") 
    • This checks to see if Days Since Sent is greater than or equal to 7 and D2 is not “Yes”

@GetUWired this looks like exactly what I was looking for, but unfortunately, I’m not getting past the 1st step…

I managed to create the gsheet, to populate with the email and date sent, but todays date, replied, days since sent and trigger are empty