Sending a specific part of an email thread only

  • 25 October 2022
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In relation to this post:

How can I exclude the whole email thread from sending? 

So currently my flow is
1. Slack workflow to GSheet
2. GSheet to Email
3. Filtered Email (from responder) to GSheet 

However in step 3, I’m pulling the correct email, but it sends the entire thread history- is there a way I can send only the last email received and no thread? 

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1 reply

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Hey there @Fonso!

While it is difficult to say precisely the best method to use here without seeing the way your Zap is set up, our Formatter by Zapier steps do have ways to cut data. 

  • We have a “Split Text” action which you can use to cut a larger string in half -- if there was a consistent part of these emails that indicate the data after it was the info you want this could help. 
  • There is also an “Extract Pattern” transform which you can use regular expressions to extract the data you are looking for in a more precise way.
  • A Code by Zapier step too can be configured to do almost anything you want, including decomposing text. 

As always, the Zapier Support Team is around to assist you if you wanted to reach out via  They would be able to look at the data directly and give you a better idea of the best path forward if you still would like more assistance in this! =)