Send reminder email when Google Form is not submitted by the weekly deadline

  • 5 July 2021
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Hi, I would like to set the Zapier to send a reminder email to those who forget submitting a Google form by the deadline (12 pm every Sunday). 

I tried to use ‘Lookup’ in spread sheet with the set of deadline as value, but it’s not working. 

Besides, I already set the Zapier to send a message to Slack channel when the Google form is submitted.


Are there any possible action by mixing up Google form, spread sheet, slack, and so on?
Thank you. 



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4 replies

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Hi @Koharu 

How many people are on this list that may need reminders sent?


Only one person as a specific Google form for one person.

Thank you.

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Is it the same group of people that are supposed to fill out the GForm every week?

If yes, then how many people are supposed to fill out the GForm every week?


@Troy Tessalone 

About 10 people fill out good form every week but I send different form to each person and manage the responses on each spreadsheet…