Send reminder 2 days before the date of the appointment

  • 10 October 2021
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I would like to carry out a reminder Zap 2 days before the date of the appointment. The first Zap is triggered when the appointment is created by a new line in my Google-Sheet. And in this new line there is a column with the date of the appointment.
I don't know how to carry out the 2nd reminder Zap knowing that the appointment is sometimes set several months after the creation date.
Thank you for your help.

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3 replies

Great ! thank you.

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Hey, You can build a Zap something like below -


Scheduler Every Day → Search for Rows having N+2 date → Loops by Zapier → Send a reminder.



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Hi @oplso 

If you use Airtable instead of GSheets, then you can configure Views with Filters to trigger Zaps.




If you want to use GSheets, then you’ll need to add a Formula column that detects if the date is 2 days away and changes a value from FALSE to TRUE, which can then trigger the Zap.

“New or Updated Spreadsheet Row” trigger behavior

If you’re using the New or Updated Spreadsheet Row trigger and choose Any column to monitor, any change to a row will trigger your Zap. If you select a specific column, then the Zap will only trigger when there are changes on that column.


Zaps using New or Updated Spreadsheet Row will also trigger for any new rows in the spreadsheet, even if the specified column is blank. To avoid triggering in those cases, add a Filter step to your Zap.


OR, look into using GCal: