Send delayed zap if no second row filled in Google Sheets?

  • 27 December 2020
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I use Facebook Ads to get new leads for my gym client.

I want to have a new lead submit 2 forms in sequence because the form they prefer misses out on a lot of leads.

  • If the new lead gives name/phone Form #1 only, gym receptionist gets a text within 5 minutes to call new lead and schedule a time.
  • If the new lead completes Form #1 and then schedules a time using Form #2, gym trainer gets a text about a new appointment... and gym receptionist doesn’t get a text.


My gym client has the following Facebook Ads flow:

Lead clicks FB Ad > ClickFunnels > Acuity Scheduling.
Acuity’s flow is: Choose appointment time > Enter name/phone > Submit

On submit, I have Zaps set up: Data > New Row in Google Sheets > Send SMS to my gym trainer.


I’d like to make sure the gym gets the name/phone earlier in the sales funnel.


I’m looking at this flow instead:
Lead submits FB Lead Form with pre-filled name/phone > Submit.

Submit takes them to ClickFunnels > Acuity Scheduling.
Then, as before, Choose Appointment time > (Re-)enter name/phone > Submit


When the FB Lead Form is submitted, I want to upload a row to Google Sheets and text gym receptionist (so that they can call the lead and get a time scheduled over the phone).

If the same name is submitted within 5 minutes from Acuity, I want to upload a row to Google Sheets, not text the gym receptionist, and instead text the gym trainer with whom the appointment has been booked.


No idea how to do an If/Then like this, or if it’s even possible. Thanks so much for your help!

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2 replies

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Hi @North Bay FB Ads ,

Thanks for reaching out! It sounds like Paths by Zapier would be a good fit for your workflow as it offers the if/then logic. You can learn more here!

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@North Bay FB Ads