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Send an email when an opportunity is won in Copper

Hi, I am looking to creat a Zap that sends an email when an opportunity in Copper is moved to “won” in a specific pipeline. The trouble is calling out the pipeline and also we are having the Zap activate when a project is moved out of  “won” which is odd. Any ideas on how to solve this? Thanks!


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Hi @ryan_goldberg 

Make sure you add a Filter step to your Zap as Step 2:

Can you share screenshots of how your Zap steps are configured?

Thank you! I do have a filter set up, 2 actually. But I'm not sure I have done it quite right.

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Do you have an example to use to trace and troubleshoot?

Check your Zap Runs history details for the DATA IN/OUT of each step in a trigger Zap.

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you should only need the one filter and I would set it to look for the stage (if your current process, is to move all won opportunities to a final stage in your pipeline). 

In your current set up, Zaps will be trigger for any stage name that has the text value ‘Awarded’ in it OR for any updated opportunity with a status that contains ‘Won’. So it makes sense that removing the status ‘Won’ could still trigger the zap because Zapier will continue through the trigger if either condition is true


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The filter you’d want to set up is just the following (AND statement, not OR):

  1. Pipeline Name [EXACTLY MATCHES] Pipeline Name
  2. Opportunity Status [EXACTLY MATCHES] Won

And that’s all you’d do for the triggering.

I’d recommend going a step further and making the first match be:

Pipeline ID [EXACTLY MATCHES] And put in the ID of the pipeline (that can be grabbed from the URL if you change the pipeline to a different pipeline, and then back):

  • You’d do this because if you ever change the name of your pipeline, it’ll break. This way, if you ever change your pipeline name, the ID will never change, so you’ll never run into issues.

I’d be curious what your use-case is as well for sending out an email upon opportunity being marked as “Won” as we actually built a pretty robust automation/integration that we sell which triggers automated personalized emails to send out upon Opportunity stage change within Copper:

Curious if something like this might help in other areas? We use it often for the onboarding process, giving status updates to clients and internal team members every step of the way.

Let me know if there’s anything else I can help with, happy to help!


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Hey @ryan_goldberg!

How did you get on here? Did you manage to solve this by setting the Filter to look for a specific Opportunity Status and Pipeline ID or Name? 

We’d love to know! :)