Select Browser/Website Text, Right Click, Send To Zapier - Searched all day for the answer, can someone help?

  • 1 March 2022
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I have been searching for hours to find a simple solution to this problem. The Zapier Chrome Plugin does not (100% sure on this) currently support the ability to simply select text such a “Henry Jones” and allow you to send that to Zapier.. surely this has got to be the easiest of problems to solve? Do I need to hire a programmer to write a chrome plugin to enable this? Does anyone have a solution? I will shower you with jewels and sweet meats if you can help me.



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8 replies

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Hi @ben burling 

Have you reviewed this article?

Hi @Troy Tessalone 


I have sir, I’ve picked over it word by word! :)

When the Zap runs, the trigger will return the following metadata that can be used in action steps:

  • The title and URL of the page in the active browser tab.
  • The trigger timestamp
  • The email address of the user who triggered the Zap

Which is fine for sending a URL - but i want to select any text on the webpage and create a zap from it (to add to our streak CRM).


The strange thing is an article was written in 2019 by a PR lady at Zapier that said this was possible but I think the app was superseded - Can you think of a solution?


Thank you again!


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@ben burling

Can you post screenshots with how your Zap trigger step is configured?

NOTE: The description at the bottom under the Input Fields.

From the “this example” link.



Im not sure what you mean. The steps above are to yield emails?

I just want to highlight a word, right click context menu, send to zap…

Am I misunderstanding your point?


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@ben burling 

Try clicking the Zapier extension icon, instead of right clicking.

Thank you for you effort in trying to resolve my question.

I have tried that but how do i get from seeing a word on a webpage to it being sentto zapier?

Can you explain the exact process? i dont want a URL I just want a name “darren jones” on a webpage to be sent to Zapier.. does that make sense?


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@ben burling

Have you installed the Zapier Chrome Extension?


You need to configure a Zap with this trigger: New Push

You will set the desired Input Fields you want to collect. (e.g. Name as you’ve indicated)


Then to send data...


All this is outlined in this help article:


If you are still in need of assistance, please open a ticket with Zapier Support:

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Hi there @ben burling - thanks for raising this question in the Community. 


Also wanted to let you know that I think that exact option (the seamless non-copy/paste) doesn’t currently exist in the chrome jewels or sweet meat for us :disappointed_relieved:. I know you’ve already gotten some articles around the functions mentioned, but there is also this is which is worth a read: 


However, I have forwarded this to our team to see how we may think of solving this and doing an auto-highlight as a future option.