Salesforce to Monday - Unidirectional Field Sync - Not Triggering

  • 15 March 2023
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I have a customer list in SFDC (Account object) and an effectively mirrored customer list/board in Monday (a subset of accounts). I’m trying to create a directional sync such that when a specific field on any SFDC Account is updated, the corresponding field is updated for that customer record in Monday

Right now I have:

  • 1) Trigger: SF Updated Field on Record
  • 2) Action: Find record in SF (I didn’t have this one at first but it seems necessary to retrieve the new value for the field I want to sync)
  • 3) Action: Get item by column value in MDC
  • 4) Action: Change multiple column values in MDC

Testing each Action step in sequence produces the result I’m looking for: It pulls the field value from SF (2) and updates the corresponding MDC item (3) with that field value from SF (4). Great.

However, I’ve published this zap and it won’t ever seem to trigger. I’ve tried it with the trigger setting Field Updated Timestamp blank and set to Last Modified Date. No luck.. Any thoughts?

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6 replies

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Hey @RM-Marketing,

Checking in to see if you found a way to resolve the issue you’re running into. If so, would you mind sharing it with us?

Thanks! 😊

Hi @RM-Marketing

I’m very new to Zapier and have been trying to do exactly what you’re outlining. However, I keep getting tripped up with the specifics within the MDC actions. 

Would you mind sharing screenshots of how you have your zap set up so I can troubleshoot what I might be doing incorrectly?


Thank you!


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Hi @RM-Marketing 

Good question.

The Salesforce Updated Field on Record Zap trigger is scheduled meaning it can take from 1-15 minutes to trigger depending on your Zapier plan.


Thank you Troy. This zap hasn’t triggered (has no event history) after hours. Also we only have ~14,000 account records in SFDC

Ok scratch that… Maybe there was some sort of time delay with publishing the zap and it becoming functional. I just tried again now (no changes to the zap config) and the field syncs over to MDC within seconds… interesting

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Have you reviewed the available help articles for using Salesforce in Zaps?