Round robin lead distribution using Google Sheet

  • 4 June 2021
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Hi I have been search for days now trying to figure out how to integrate Zapier width Wordpress to distribute inbound leads. I just came across this article


 I'm talking about automatic lead distribution down to the ZIP code level, with load-balanced allocations for shared zones, weekly distribution limits, and automatic reallocation for manually rejected leads. Needless to say, I couldn't find a CRM that could perform that level of distribution logic so I just made one myself using Zapier. It's probably more than I need, but it works extremely well.

What is mentioned here is exactly what I need, Unfortunately he does not elaborate.


I am trying to figure out how to distribute leads to agents when there are overlapping territories. I am not going to go down to a zip code level. I will keep it to a county level. I often have more then one agents in a county, so I need a weighted round robin method. I have monthly distribution limits. I might also need to control amount per day at some point. 


Does anyone have any suggestions. I have had success building cool apps but I am stuck here.


I can maintain a Google sheet with the service areas. But I can't figure out how to select the correct one when there is more then 2. Is there a select all from spreadsheet and then a way to sort through the records it returns like SQL?


Any help would be great


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Hi @leadrouter 

Give Airtable a try for managing leads and routing logic:

Airtable even has internal automations:

Best starting point would be to define your criteria for lead distribution since everyone has different requirements.

A combination of Airtable tables, fields, formulas, views, sorting, filtering, and automations ought to work.

If you still need help, consider hiring a Zapier Expert:

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Hey @leadrouter, I hope you’re doing well, I just wanted to check in here!

Were you able to get things sorted out with the info from Troy, or can we still help here?

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Thanks for the suggestion. At first it seemed like Airtable was a great fit but then I realized they have 50000 record limit. I am very concerned to invest time into it with such a small limit. Especially when I read that the price goes up to 3k a month for enterprise, I will confirm that tomorrow.

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FYI: For using GSheets with Zaps

Change the size of your sheet or use a different sheet

Your sheet cannot contain more than:

  • 5,000,000 cells.
  • 40,000 rows.
  • 18,278 columns.
  • 50,000 characters per cell.

If you exceed these limits, you must delete data from the sheet or use a different sheet.


Also, make sure to reference the other help articles for using GSheets with Zaps:

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Yes I was referring to airtable but I guess you can store your data in gsheets and just use airtable for the smaller tables. I tried to upload a zip code database to lookup counties but that certainly does not have to be in airtable I can use zapier to lookup the county in gsheets. But I won’t be able to store the leads either because it won’t last me a year.

i love the concept of airtable but I wonder if there is a way to hook up MySQL to zapier. 

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MySQL available triggers/actions/searches via Zap app:

You can search the available Zap apps here: