Read data from custom RSS feed once per day?

  • 2 December 2022
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I am feeding a social media queue with the items from a website’s RSS feed. The social media queue being fed by RSS has a limitation that it adds the most recent update from the RSS feed to the next time slot in the queue. This would work fine, except one piece of news that has to be posted the last thing each night the day prior also needs to be the first thing posted on social media the next morning. Is it possible to use the Zapier RSS tools to create a new, custom RSS feed that updates once per day (say 3 a.m.) so it is sending the queue things in a different order?

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1 reply

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Hi @DancesWithWolves!

You can use RSS by Zapier to add an item to a feed, so this might be possible. You could create a custom feed and use a Zap that triggers from the website feed and then adds it to your feed. To get the item posted last thing on the RSS feed twice, you could add a filter step and another create item step so the Zap would look like this:

  1. New Item in Feed (from website)
  2. Create Item in Feed
  3. Filter by Zapier (set up the filter so that the Zap only continues to the next step if it’s the last item in the day eg by filtering based on the time the item is sent)
  4. Create Item in Feed - add the last item to the feed, so it’s there twice

You can then use the custom feed that you create to trigger the Zap that’s feeding the social media queue.


Would that work for what you need? If it’s not quite, could you share what would need to be different? And if there’s anything else that you’d like to do with the order of the posts or the time they’re released, describe that and we’ll see what we can figure out together :)