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Question around individual vs team account

  • 1 April 2020
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I'm looking into using this at our company.

What i'm trying to figure out is, if i have a company of 150 employees, would each individual user wishing to make use of Zapier need an account?

Or does it work that as admin, we have a Zapier account, we establish the link between the two systems (let's say Slack and Jira) and everytime a user does something specific in slack using a zapier command, that triggers a zap, that's then logged in our account?

Do you handle this as an admin at your company - and individual users will request ‘zaps’ set up?


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Hey Matt!

I can see that you also wrote to our Support team and they’ve responded to you :)

Here’s a relevant portion of that response, for others who may come across this thread and be wondering:


It could be that you have 1 Zapier account that houses all your employees Zap. Or you can go the route wherein each employee has a Zapier account and they create their own Zaps inside their own accounts. For the former, the Starter or professional plan should suffice. For the latter, subscribing to a team/company plan would be the ideal route.

Looking at the Zap that you're setting up (New Mention in Slack -> Create ticket in Zendesk), this can be a Zap that is
under 1 Zapier account and if any Slack user mentions the highlight word in your Slack team, then that would trigger the Zap and perform the ticket creation.


If you have any follow-up questions, please respond to Paolo’s email and he can help you out!