Possible to set hyperlink, shape and borders for Mural stickies?

  • 15 March 2022
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I’m actually using and investigating various automation use cases between information hosted in Mural towards Sheets and from Sheets to Mural.

Today, I’m filling content in Mural using Sheets resulting in the creation of stickies (Circles, Squares) with different colors in different Mural areas. Ok, this works.

But i’m also looking into:

  • setting the Hyperlink property of stikies
  • specifying the Rectange (in addition to CIrcle and Square) for the stickie
  • enabling the border to stickies
  • in manipulating connectors and shapes (and even icons)

Are there plans to support the manipulation of these properties and additional items?

If so, any insight when this would be available?


Thanks a lot.

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Hey there @obeghain!

Hmm, looking at the Create Sticky action I’m not seeing anywhere that would allow you to set the hyperlink, border or manipulate the connectors/shapes/icons. It appears that the only shape options to select are “Circle” or “Rectangle”, though through my own testing it seems that if rectangle is selected it just adds the Sticky in a square shape only. 

I can’t see any existing feature requests for those options that I can add your vote to, so you’ll want to contact our Support team to get those feature requests opened on your behalf.

Reviewing Mural’s API documentation, it looks like the hyperlink value is returned in the response, but it’s not possible to set this in the parameters for the request. Again, the shape options are either “Circle” or “Rectangle”, but it looks like it’s possible to set the height and width for the sticky note so that should allow you to make it a rectangle or square. Under the style object there’s a number of formatting options, including the ability to set a border. There’s no mention of connectors or icons that I can see there though.

So, it looks like you could potentially use a Webhooks by Zapier action to create the sticky in Mural and set some of the options you want but not all of them. If that’s something you’d be interested in trying out I’d recommend reviewing the following guides for more information on how to set that up:

Hope that helps!