Please help a newbie. I cannot zap :-(

  • 13 March 2020
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Hi, just trying to link my Trello calender to be the calender in Airtable, and then export the calendar and tasks as notifications from google calandar. I have been trying for two whole days to configure and I cannot figure it out. I would be ever so greatful for achieving this dream. Thank you.

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1 reply

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Hi there! Let see if we can work figure this out together 🙂

When you say that you’re trying to link your Trello Calendar, could you explain more about what you mean? Would you like something to happen when you create a new card? Would you like something to happen with the card is moved? When its due date arrives?

And then you mentioned that you want it to go to airtable, is that right? So what information do you want to pass to Airtable? 

And finally you said that you’d like the information to go to Google Calendar, would that be as a task or as an event? 

If you can share some more details about what you’d like to do, we should be able to help you to get started!