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PayPal -> "existing customer -> FacturaDirecta

  • 10 March 2020
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Hi, I need help. I have connected the "facturadirecta" application with PayPal. Everything is perfect until the moment a "Client" is found with data created in "facturadirecta".

If the customer exists in "facturadirecta" the ZAP does not import the data. In this case, if a "Client" is inserted once, ZAP does not insert it again. The client does not have to be created again but they have to insert the data (in this case billing).

How can I force the ZAP used by the raised customer and insert the invoice!

I look forward to your help! Thank you!


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I can see that the Factura Directa integration only has two actions - create Client and Create Sales Invoice. I'm guessing that you have your Zap set up like this:

New PayPal transaction -> Create Client -> Create Sales Invoice

Is that right? And then if there already is a client, the Zap will run into an error because the client already exists.

Do you need information from Factura in order to create the Sales Invoice? If not, you could set up two Zaps:

  1. PayPal -> Create Client
  2. PayPal -> Delay for 5 minutes -> Create Sales Invoice

With those two Zaps, you'll always set up a New client when one is needed and can create a Sales Invoice after that client has been set up.

This wont work if you need something from Factura Direct (eg an account or client ID) in order to create the Sales Invoice.

What we really need is an action that allows you to Create or Update a client in Factura Direct, so I've created a feature request for you to ask the team to add that. This will:

  1. ​Let the Factura Direct team know that this addition will be helpful for you
  2. ​Track interest in the addition - if other users request the same thing, we'll add their vote to the request
  3. ​Remind us to send you an email if/when we have an update on this