PandaDoc Zap: document variables don't appear when setting up the action?

  • 24 October 2021
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I’m trying to zap to pandadoc, specifically to populate the variables, not the fields of a document. The variables in my pandadoc template are not appearing as options to map data to when I try to set up the action. Anyone know how to set up a zap to populate variables? 

(FYI: for anyone looking for how to find your custom fields in the zap to pandadoc, I finally figured it out but couldn’t respond to older threads that were already closed--you have to change the MERGE value within the pandadoc properties for the field! Only fields with a named “merge value” will show up when you set up a zap). 

Unfortunately, zapping to the fields ends up looking wonky on pandadoc, plus with the new pandadoc templates you have to assign roles to all of the fields, which creates unnecessary extra steps if you are trying to automate the review of documents. I want to find a way to automate zapping to variables to get around these field issues!


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Hi @ESF 

Some things to try…

Make sure you have selected a Template in the Zap.

Make sure you have added Variables to a PandaDoc Template:

Try saving your PandaDoc Template again.

Try clicking the [Refresh Fields] button at the bottom of the Zap.

You can open a ticket with Zapier Support: