OpenAI Google Calendar/iCal integration

  • 15 February 2023
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I'm looking to set up a daily itinerary and integrate it with Google Calendar through Zapier automation, with the front end being my ChatGPT or GPT3 chat session. From the front-end, the user will instruct the bot to create a daily itinerary tailored to their specific needs, with the goal of helping the user with executive dysfunction and time blindness by breaking down tasks into manageable chunks. The back-end would be the process, however complicated or roundabout, of capturing the output and properly converting it to calendar events. I'm wondering what the best way is to set up the Zapier integration that will trigger when the user instructs the language model? Also, how can I ensure that the daily itinerary is optimized for the user's needs, taking into account the latest research on ADHD accessibility best practices and the MMMSS (Many More Much Smaller Steps) concept? What documentation and training data should I include?

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2 replies

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Hi @JElakrah 


The short answer is that you cannot do that since there are no triggers for ChatGPT (a quick search shows no results on the webhook/API front as well). 


The longer answer would be you can achieve that by slight changes. For example, You will not interact with ChatGPT directly, you will actually submit a form, which will be sent as a Prompt to ChatGPT (using Zapier) then with the answers we receive from ChatGPT we will use a parser to create events in Google Calendar. 


Does that help?

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Hi @JElakrah!

Did Moh’s suggestion help you to get started with this Zap? Let us know if it did or if you’d like some more help brainstorming a trigger for the Zap. 

In terms of your second question - ensuring that the daily itinerary is optimized for users - that’s beyond the bounds of what we can help with in this community. We’re a bunch of folks who are passionate about Zapier, and what you’re asking falls more in the realm of the best way to train chatGPT to create the right events. ChatGPT has a community that you could check out:


​I hope that helps, please let us know if you have any questions!