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One Slack message for multiple Google Sheet Rows

  • 18 August 2022
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Hi guys,

my automation: every time a card is due in Trello, it creates a new row in google sheets and sends a message to slack.


my problem: the cards in trello are due on the same date and time, thats why i get a slack message for every row thats being added. I want to get only one message to slack, when the are no more cards being added to google sheets.

Can anyone help me with this?

Thank you so much and greetings from Germany! :)))



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Trigger: Card moved to list in Trello

Action: Create spreadsheet row in google sheets

Action: Send channel message in slack

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Hi @David H.!

If I understand your message correctly, you would like to get a message when the row is added to Google Sheets, but you want one message a day showing all the rows, as opposed to a message for each row, is that right?

If so, you can do that with a couple of Zaps and using Digest by Zapier. Digest lets you add information to a list (a digest), which you can release at a specific time, or using a Zap action. Your two Zaps would look like this:

Zap 1

  1. Card moved list in Trello
  2. Create Spreadsheet Row in Google Sheets
  3. Add item to digest


Zap 2

  1. Schedule by Zapier (set the Zap to trigger at your preferred time)
  2. Release digest
  3. Send Slack message


If you like, you can set this up so that the digest is released multiple times a day by having more than one of the second Zap. For example, I do the same thing as this with emails. I have a Zap that adds all emails to a digest and then three other Zaps scheduled to release the digest and send me a Slack message every morning, afternoon and evening. If you want to take a look at how mine are set up: 

Here’s a link to the Zap that adds Emails to the Digest

And here is a link to one of the Zaps that release the digest, in this case the Zap that releases the email digest in the morning


Those should get you on the right path, let me know if you have any questions!