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Not seeing all triggers for ConnectWise Manage/ zaps

  • 3 August 2021
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Hey all.

I apologize if this comes off as a super noobish question but I seem to have hit a wall here and extensive searching of the support articles hasn’t borne fruit for me.

My company uses ConnectWise Manage and and I’ve been tasked with using Zapier to get them sharing information when certain things on done with projects. I’ve created a couple of basic Zaps already that seem to be working well but I can’t seem to add a number of the triggers (particularly polling ones) that are advertised as available.

Example: If you look on, you’ll see that one of the available triggers is Delete Item. However, that option (and many others) are not available to select when building a Zap. I only have a small number in fact:

The small number of triggers available to me.

A similar dearth of options beyond what’s supposed to be available exists for ConnectWise as well. Most of the ones missing are tagged as Write, which I assumed based on the description was a polling type but I’m not sure now. We are on a trial of a paid plan.

Does anyone know what I’m missing here? I’d greatly appreciate the assistance as if I can figure this out, I think Zapier’s going to do exactly what we need.

Thanks! :)


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And I figured out the issue. I totally didn’t notice the Trigger and Action designators. Noob question as I expected. :)

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Hey @IDS Systems! No worries, we all start somewhere :slight_smile: I’m glad you figured it out and thanks for letting us know!