Nonprofit: Sending unique values or sheets and marking them as used (past get multiple rows feature)

  • 8 April 2021
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I work for a nonprofit organization and am trying to analyze if a professional Zapier program would be the right fit for our needs. I’ve figured out the initial steps, but now I’m hitting a wall. 


So, we have a data set that is comprised pretty much of very soft potential leads. Usually 3 rows of info that matter: a name, email, and phone number or address.


Volunteers can request a certain amount of leads via a google form (open to other types of online forms or actions for doing this) in which they say the number of leads that they want and their name and email. This step makes sense.

Then: a middle action for data splitting and some type of marking of whether that data was used. This is where I’m uncertain.

Followed by attaching the data in some form to an email and sending it to the volunteer. This part also makes sense.


Basically, I want to find the most simple way to piece off a spreadsheet. All values are of equal weight/importance, so it doesn’t matter what leads the volunteer is sent, as long as they unique/not previously used and in a format that is somehow attachable. So, I want to have a spreadsheet of 60k or so to start and then let volunteers each take their own little piece. For some of our programs, it would be a bonus for the volunteer to be able to comment back on each lead, but this is not required as our biggest programs just focus on getting the people their data and they take it from there.


This appears possible in google sheets, but only up to requests of 20 and we often have higher requests. One option is for us to pre split our data into folders of “unused list of 25” “unused list of 100” etc and only let volunteers choose from a pre-marked amount in the form and then send them a form from the appropriate folder and move that form to a new “used” folder, but I’m also not sure how this would be done. 


We are mid launch and want to get on this ASAP. Thank you so much ahead of time for any help you can provide!

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2 replies

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Hi @pay37 

Check out this video about using Webhooks to loop thru a GSheet.

The concept may be helpful, although you’ll have to layer in some additional steps to do the count logic.


NOTE: You may encounter errors via the Zap due to a large GSheet (60k rows).


Perhaps also look into leveraging these apps:


Digest: (concept is to append then release records)



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Just checking in to see if you still need help with this?