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NinjaForms to SharePoint Excel - Failing to find resource on first attempt

  • 24 July 2020
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I have a support ticket open with Zapier, however they appear to be stumped on this one, as is our IT department.

I have created 3 spreadsheets (excel) within a Sharepoint site, in a folder. I then have a zap picking up form submissions (3 different ones), and adding a new row into the spreadsheets. Basic stuff really.

It works perfectly well apart from on occassion, the zap fails to do it first time around and returns an error of ‘can’t find that resource’.

If I hit the replay button it works fine.

Has anyone else run into this one? There doesn’t appear to be any fixes I can see, and I am not sure if it is a permissions issue in Sharepoint on these files, or whether I am asking too much of Zapier, which would be really disappointing.

Thanks in advance.


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I’ve run into something very similar and it can be very frustrating. 


You have a couple of options. 


Option 1: Turn on auto replay 

See here for the documentation on how to enable auto replay


Option 2: Add in extra steps to replay the specific step that fails. 

I wrote about how to do this in another post. The example in this other post does use Google Sheets as the failing app, but you could apply this logic to any step that fails on occasion. 


Let us know which option you go with and how it works for you.