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Newbie needs help with creating a workflow

  • 30 September 2020
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Hello all! 

I need help to create an automation workflow. Total newbie and I need to know if this is possible. My business is creating voiceovers and transcriptions. Here's what I want to happen with Zapier:

Step 1. When my client pays for a service (trying to decide between Square and Stripe), I want to have my file sharing service (planning on using Digital Pigeon for my file sharing service) create a folder with either the order number on it OR the clients name on it.

Step 2. I do my work... no zaps needed here 😁

Step 3. I upload the finished file to the client folder on Digital Pigeon and my client gets an email to let them know the work is complete and they can download the file. 

Can anyone help me with the steps?







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Hi @gazoo,


I’m not sure your comment is related to the original question however what you have described sounds perfectly ok in regards to it being two separate zaps.


I don’t know the full details of how you have set things up but Zapier does provide you with functionality to test out your connections as part of the zap setup. If this isn’t sufficient I guess you could act as someone following the FB ad and see if that ends up landing in both mailchimp and gmail.

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Check out the available Zap triggers/actions/searches...

Digital Pigeon:



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This is definitely the kind of thing you can do with Zapier, @erospeterson I think that the tricky part is going to be creating the folder in Digital Pigeon. 


If you look at the actions for Digital Pigeon, there’s no option to create a new folder: That means that it’s not possible to automate that step in using Zapier.


I can see a trigger for the app that will trigger a Zap when there’s a List Upload, so that sounds like the second part of what you were looking to do: trigger when you upload the files and send the client an email.


Digital pigeon is an integration that’s owned and maintained by them, which means that we can log a feature request (like Creating a folder using a Zap), but it would need to be built by them. If you’d like us to create a new feature request for that, please get in touch with the Support team using the Get help form


I hope that gives you some ideas as to where to start, let us know if you have any questions!


@erospeterson thanks for your interest.  I am one of the developers that works on the integration for Digital Pigeon. 


Currently we don’t offer actions to create uploads in Digital Pigeon so @Danvers is spot on in his comments.  


What would be currently possible for you to do is create the upload in Digital Pigeon with downloads disabled. Many of our clients perform this in order to get feedback from their clients prior to final payment.  This would allow your client to preview the files and provide any comments etc before the project is finalised.


You could then set up a Zap which would enable the ability to download once payment has been collected in your payment system of choice. 


Below are a couple of examples which may help in the setup process.

We do have plans to expand the functionality available for the Digital Pigeon integration to include creation of uploads and adding files to them but I don’t have a timeframe for that development that I can share at this point.  


Please also feel free to reach out to us on our support channel for more assistance.