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New to Zapier: Overwrite Google Sheet with daily Gmail spreadsheet attachment in htm format

  • 21 April 2020
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Struggling to understand the bridge I’m missing here. I receive a daily email with a Report.htm attachment. I’d like to overwrite an existing Google sheet with the detail in that attached report.


I’ve started with New Attachment in Gmail and seem to have that setup fine. then, I was moving to Update Spreadsheet Row in Google Sheets but can’t figure out how to connect the actual report data and have it fill in the sheet. I do not want to keep the previous data. 

Do I need to use the Formatter as a second step or a first step? If either, which Utility option do I select?

Thanks in advance for your patience!


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Hi @Jowen! This could be a tricky one because of the format of the report. 


The Formatter can work with CSV files , but not .htm files. Is there anyway that you could get the report in a different format?  If not, you might need to look at an app that will convert the file for you. 


If you can get the file into a csv format then you can use the Formatter to convert that into line items (Formatter > Utilities > Import CSV file), which you could use in a Google Sheets Create Spreadsheet Row(s) action. The only trouble with that action is that it would add new rows to the sheet rather than updating existing rows. 


One way to work around that would be to add the rows to a new sheet. You then set up a second Zap that will trigger form those new rows, then use a Find Spreadsheet row action to find the appropriate row in the original sheet and finally use Update Spreadsheet Row to update the row.