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Need help with assigning discord roles after woocommerce order

  • 6 June 2020
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Hey, I’m currently trying to create a zap that has the zapier bot that will allow a customer access to our chosen discord and given a specific role after their woocommerce order is completed. 


I’m having trouble in various stages of this. 

The first step is creating a subscription in woocommerce which I’ve done correctly.

The next step is adding this customer to our discord server, not sure if I’ve done this correctly but the bot is in our server. 

The final step is to give the customer a specific role in our discord server, however I can’t even find the “discord” option that I created with my checkout form on the website. All I can find our the labels such as “billing name, billing email, etc” nothing about the discord field I personally created and is on the checkout form like everything else.


I’m not opposed to hiring someone to help me as I’ve paid I think $60 for zapier to be able to do this automated task and I just want to have this completed as I’m manually adding 20+ people per day at this point.


I have also found a similar problem on these forums that was never answered:


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@degalbo  I answered the question on the linked thread you mentioned. We’ll see if it resolves the issue that user was having. In their case, it sounds like they were having trouble with the search function to find an existing Discord user by username.

In your case, it sounds like the issue is that your custom field from your Woocommerce form is not pulling through. Is that accurate? If so, have you tried hitting the “refresh” button at the bottom of the trigger setup? Often, custom fields won’t automatically load but will show up when you hit refresh.

If that doesn’t work (or if the field is showing up, but it’s empty) try making a sample submission from your website with all the fields filled. Sometimes if the submission is made without a value in the field it won’t show up in later steps.