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Need help setting my Zoho CRM to Mailchimp Zap up to run once a day

  • 3 March 2020
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Hello All,

I created a zap that is supposed copy my Zoho CRM contact record to MailChimp when certain steps are completed in Zoho. It works fine but updates every time I change or modify the record. I only want that test to happen once a day.

I tried to put the Schedule parameter into Step 1 of my zap but that completely removes my Zoho criteria as primary trigger.

I am sure the solution is simple but I am just not getting it.

The steps below basically do this:

1) Searches for the contact records in Zoho CRM that are updated or created today.

2) Creates a formatted date for today in the zap for today It uses the "Zap Meta Human" Now Parameter then it formats to MM/DD/YYYY.

3) Formats the Record Modified Date from the Zoho CRM Record to be in the same simple format (MM/DD/YYYY).

4) Checks to see both dates are the same to forward to next step.

5) Checks that the fields in Zoho are meeting these specs:

Status is "Qualified" of "Proposal Presented"

Unsubscribed is not checked

Email field is not empty

6) Copies/Updates record in MailChimp

As I said, it works great but updates hundreds of times a day and creates a lot of competed tasks in Zapier. I need the zap to check/run only once a day.

Can someone help? I just want it to run once a day and with the criteria I set up.

Thanks in advance,


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Hi @ADMorgan

Sadly, it's not possible to do step 1 in your process using Zapier. A Zapier search only ever returns a single record, the first it finds matching a criteria.

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You may want to check out Integromat that does allow this sort of "check once, find all" type of trigger.

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Is there a workaround? Perhaps, creating a zap that may be a scheduler that runs another Zap?

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Thanks. I will take a look.