Move / Rename Google FOLDERS?

  • 28 December 2020
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I know you can create a new google folder, but can you automatically MOVE it or RENAME it, once it’s been created?

For example, say you have created a  folder "ACME CORP" in a parent folder called "Clients", which got automatically created when they became a client. 

But say they stop being a client and you want to create a trigger (ie, an offboarding form) that moves the folder “ACME CLIENT” from the folder “Clients” to another folder called "Ex clients". 

Or if you can't move the client folder into another folder, could you rename it? For example, create a trigger to rename the folder "ACME CORP" to something like "old-ACME CORP"?

I've been googling and I can't find anything for either moving or renaming folders that already exist. (I only see it for moving or renaming files, but what about FOLDERS)?

Maybe it's not possible yet?…

Thanks to anybody who can help!



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Hey @HGW,


I think this is an ongoing issue or rather something that is not possible. Here is a thread where exactly this is discussed: Link.

Let me know if you have any more questions around that.

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Thanks Ennes. That’s too bad. I have a follow up question about a workaround, so I’ll post it here and maybe as a new post as well: 

As a work-around, would it then be possible to move all of the contents from the already existing folder (ACME CORP) into a newly created folder (OLD-ACME CORP)?

For example - every time the trigger happens (ie offboarding form):

1) a new folder is created  (ie “OLD-CLIENT NAME”) within another parent folder (ie “EX-CLIENTS”)

2) files in the previous folder are found (ie all files in folder named “CLIENT NAME”) 

3) and then all files in the folder CLIENT NAME are moved/copied into the newly created folder “OLD-CLIENT NAME” 

Is something like this possible? If so, what would be the steps? 

Thanks again so much!

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I haven’t tried renaming, but I just successfully set up a zap to move a folder to another folder. I wasn’t sure it would work at first, but apparently you just have to use the “Move File” command and provide the ID of the folder rather than a file, and of course the destination folder. I got the idea to try it from this article (scroll down to “Google drive api copy file to another folder” section).