Modify a spreadsheet row based on new orders

  • 11 June 2020
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I am trying to create a Google sheet that will show our up-to-date inventory for our customers. Here’s the system I came up with. I’m an experienced Zapier user, but steps 2-4 are all buggy for me.


Does this make sense? Is there an easier way to do this???

1 It is triggered when an order is created in ShipStation.

2 The next step is to look up the current inventory on the sheet. I’m trying to do that with the “Lookup Spreadsheet Row in Google Sheets” action. It should look for the SKU of the item(s) ordered and then identify the current quantity.

3 The next step is to subtract the quantity ordered from the number found in step 2.

4 The final step would be to update that line with the new adjusted quantity.


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2 replies

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What is it that is buggy?

Are you taking SKU, doing the lookup and putting the result into storage?

Then preform the calculation in storage and return the value to the sheet?



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Hi @aznarrow!

Would you mind elaborating a bit on how you’re undertaking steps 2-4? Are you using any Formatter steps to do that math? If you’re able to tell us more about that process, that would be super helpful. Thanks!