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  • 25 March 2021
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So as we know zapier doesn’t have a MindBody integration set up, but they suggested I ask here to see if anyone has set up a custom integration before (with web hooks? or something like that)? Please let me know if anyone is out there with experience in this with MindBody specifically :)


Needs Details:

I use MondBody for most of my gym business, but for marketing I have facebook ads pointing to a ClickFunnel Landing Page to collect basic info, then a second page with an Acuity appointment calendar to book an apt if the prospect wants. I have a bunch of Zaps connecting all this to a sales call list on Google sheet / UpLaunch for drip marketing as well etc.. but that’s besides the point, this all works great but is a separate schedule and system from MindBody for my sales staff.

So, enter Messenger[ai], formerly Bowtie, who has been bought by MindBody and is integrated with it as such, and can provide some bot/ai functionality to a text based client interaction automation for missed calls to the gym / book sales appointments for returned sales calls / replace my ManyChat website Bot, and other functions specifically with MindBody, but lots of SALES potential related tasks, but it doesn't integrate with Zapier… or Acuity, so CAN’T check my Acuity schedule for availability from my sales people.


I have google calendar as an intermediary pushing my MindBody schedule / availability to Acuity (this is built into Acuity) but no way of pushing the Acuity schedule over to Mind Body, or even a way for mind body to check the  google calendar for schedule conflicts to prevent double bookings.


Can someone help?



Kalev Fitness

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Hi @KalevFitness ,

Looking at the MindBody API it looks like it’s possible to request their services from Zapier. To accomplish this, you would need to develop an app for it. 
@ikbelkirasan could possibly help you with this.