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Loop all "Storage By Zapier" child values

  • 30 July 2021
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I’m populating a “Storage By Zapier” list and I’m using the “Child Values” functionality because I need data to be linked together (ex: a date and a phone number). The storage is called “customers”

  - date: 
  - phone_number

  - date: 
  - phone_number

  - date: 
  - phone_number


In another zap, I’d like to loop all the values. 
So processing
And actions based upon date & phone_number of each customer.

However I’m having a hard time looping the “Storage By Zapier”. 

Best workaround I’ve found, is to populate a second storage, “phonenumbers”. This list I can easily loop over and then fetch the right key from the other list “customers”. 
But it feels like I’m missing something and I’m making it too complex. Since all the keys/values needed to be mapped exactly (and put in manually).


Can someone help me/advise me another way to loop all those child values?
I’m thinking of just looping all the parent-values (and thus accessing the child-values as well) withing one “loop action block”.


Thanks in advance.


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Hi @Hexmans 

Try using the Looping app:


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Hi @Hexmans 

Try using the Looping app:

Thanks for the reply.
I’m indeed trying to use the Looping app. But I’m not succeeding.

This is what my childvalues look like: 

When collecting the list values via het Get List Values - action

I can’t use the correct info in the Loop - app:

I expected to just retrieve all the parent nodes (Deelnemer 0494847939 and Deelnemer 0494847939_1) of which I then can fetch all the details via the GetListValues

What am I missing?

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Hi again

I’ve solved it by using a different approach.
I’m using the webhook post/catch functionality to just trigger a different ZAP instant instead of first storing it in a list.

Still wondering how my question above would fit into zapier ZAP’s