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Long term storage of large list

  • 17 March 2022
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So I’ve just discovered Storage (thanks Troy) and I’m wondering if it is a good fit for another project that I’m working on.

After reading the docs, I wasn’t clear on a couple of things but first I’ll present my use case.

  • I’m trying to manage a list of ID numbers (10 digits each)
  • At any given point there can be about 2,000 different IDs
  • My zap is just going to check if an ID exists before moving on


  1. Key limit is 500 keys. I’ll only have key (ID), though, right?
  2. Inactive keys deleted after 3 months. Does this mean if a key is not acted upon (value added, deleted, searched, etc.) that they entire list goes away or just specific values in the list? I assume the first but I read something somewhere that suggested the later.
  3. Storage values up to 25kb. Does this mean each value can be up to 25kb or the key has a 25kb limit across all values? Want to make sure I don’t run into any limits.

I was also thinking that, instead of an action to add/remove IDs one at a time, that I would instead replace all values in one go. Like a sync. Is that possible?


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Hi @ericg 

Good question.

You’d be better served using an Airtable Base as the Lookup Table.



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Thanks, @Troy Tessalone. Appreciate you!