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Linking accounts in two systems without using name or domain

  • 5 February 2021
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Hello Community- I’m looking for some guidance.  I have a customer that is connecting their CRM to QBO.  The issue is that the name of the account in their CRM is often different than the name in QBO.  For example in CRM it would be XYZ Company- R&D Division and in QBO it would be XYZ Company.  Typically the name in QBO is the formal name for billing.  They also have several entries for the same company which will not allow me to link accounts based on their domain.  For existing accounts I could use a lookup table for CRM Account number and QBO Account number but that is going to use a lot of zaps.  Also how would link new customers and how would that table get updated?


It seems like this would be a common issue so there must a gracdfule way to do this.  What is the best way for me to link accouts without using account names or domains?  Thank you!


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In the example you gave, you could use a formatter step to split the name “ For example in CRM it would be XYZ Company- R&D Division and in QBO it would be XYZ Company. “ splitting by the “-” and searching what proceeds the “-”. Consistent naming conventions in the CRM could allow this to work across the board. If sometimes they put XYZ Company- R&D but sometimes they put ABC: R&D then issues will be present. 

It is also possible to develop custom integrations that can hit on soft matches but that would only be recommended if there was also a second parameter to match by. 

It may also be possible to set up custom fields to reference to (i.e QBO it in CRM and CRM ID in QBO) but that would likely require some customization as well. All in all, the solution will vary based off of the conventions being used but when at all possible, if trying to set up syncs, it is best to have concrete matches.