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Knack to Quickbooks estimates

  • 21 March 2020
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I'm a Zap newbie - I'd like to create a Zap to take information in Knack and turn it into a multiline estimate in Quickbooks.

I'd like to be able to select which lines of information from Knack would be included on the estimate based on whether certain criteria were met in Knack. I assume this is possible and I want to make sure I design my Knack App in a way that this can be accomplished. Can you provide any assistance?

The detail I’m looking to capture is that on a particular date for a particular client we delivered a specific amount of various products for each area we are applying products to. Product A could be 10oz for Area A, 8oz for Area B, and 12oz for Area C and Product B could be 2oz for Area A, 3oz for Area B, 4oz for Area C. There can be more areas and more products applied to each area, but for this example I would like an estimate sorted by Product, then list Area A and the amount of product, the charge for the product, any discount, then the total, Area B and the amount of product, the charge for the product, any discount, then the total, Area C and the amount of product, the charge for the product, any discount, and then the total, and then a subtotal for Product A and a Dollar value for Product A that is the sum of the totals after discount.

This would continue for all the products with a grand total for the estimate. Even if it didn’t do subtotals by Product or Area, but could list all the amounts of products for each area and the corresponding discount and amount with a grand total would be great. Also, where do I find what fields are essential for a Quickbooks estimate so I make sure they exist in Knack. Quickbooks and Knack can do estimates, but it isn’t clear to me how to configure it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated - thanks!


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Hi Danvers -

Sorry, but that doesn’t really help. Is there someone in the Zap community that works with Knack and Quickbooks? For creating an Estimate in Quickbooks a required field in Quickbooks is Customer, but that is coming from Quickbooks - how do I get Zapier to read which Customer from the information I have in Knack? I’ve got the detail by customer in Knack that I am trying to get over to Quickbooks - it seems I have to choose a single Customer, instead of the system determining what Customer in Knack the records actually belong to. As I mentioned - I’m a newbie - I’m willing to pay someone that could show me how to do this efficiently. Thanks!

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Hi @DonS Thanks for your question!

I can see that you’ve also got in touch with our Support Team who will be in a better place to walk this through with you, so please reply to their email if you have any questions.


For anyone looking to do something similar, the first place to start would be to understand how line items work. This help guide on line items is a good place to start and you can also learn more about how to turn regular text into line items in this guide to creating line items.


Finally, often the best way to find out which fields are needed for a particular step of a Zap is to give it a try! Create a Zap using the action (even if you test it with a different trigger) so you can see all the fields that are needed for the action.