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Issue with Stripe to Xero Invoice Number

  • 8 July 2021
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I am having an issue with Stripe <> Zapier <> Xero invoicing. The invoice number in stripe for a renewed invoice is not moving with the zap from stripe, but rather when in Xero, Xero assigns its own invoice number (based on the last sequential Xero invoice number)

When Stripe is preparing a new bill (for a renew subscription), before finalizing it is in draft stage for a couple of hours. During this time, the Zap is taking place (while still in draft) and Xero is reflecting the information. Because the Stripe invoice number is still draft, XXXXX-DRAFT (hasn’t given it is own invoice number yet), Xero says that no invoice number has been assigned so Xero assigns its own invoice number. 

Any ideas?


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Hey @VPM!

It sounds like the Zap is triggering before the invoice is completed so I’m wondering if you might be able to use Stripe’s New Event trigger and select the Invoice Updated option to get the Zap to trigger once the real invoice number has been added. 

As it would likely trigger for all updates to the invoice, you might also need to use a Filter to check that the invoice number doesn’t contain the word “DRAFT” still. That should prevent the Zap from creating an invoice in Xero before the invoice number has been added in Stripe.


Hope that helps! :)