Is this possible: read Excel file, use cell data to find Salesforce record, copy Salesforce field data, create and send email with row of data from original Excel file (or Google Sheets)...?

I’d like to automate the following process but I’m not sure if Zapier can do this…?

I receive an Excel spreadsheet daily.

It has a company name, and three pieces of data I need to send to a set of email addresses stored in a Salesforce opportunity record field (text field with email addresses separated with a semi-colon.)

I need to lookup a Salesforce Opportunity record

Copy the email addresses from the field in the Salesforce record. (Maybe read and write that field data to a new Google sheet?)

Create an email, add the copied email addresses from Salesforce to the To field in the email. (Would like to use Outlook, could use Gmail)

Add a static cc email address for tracking purposes.

Copy the three pieces of information from the original Excel file row into the Subject (would be nice to add static text, “Hello, here is data blah-blah-blah...”)

Send the email.

Error checking: if the Salesforce field is empty send error message alert, if the email send fails, send error message alert.

Is this even possible to do in Zapier? 

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Awesome! Thank you Andres! I have booked a call with you!

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Yes it is.  Do you need help with it?  I sent you a PM in case