Is there a way to cross-reference data and let us know which contacts are on HubSpot but not on RnD?

  • 23 September 2022
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Hi! I’m trying to build a zap between Scoro and Salesforce. Scoro is a project management tool for a specific team at my company and I’d like to set up an integration FROM Salesforce TO Scoro. So when an opportunity is closed won and matches specific criteria, the zap should create a New Quote in Scoro.


We use Products in Salesforce that roll up to the total contract value. I can’t find the Products object in the drop down in the Actions section when creating the Zap. I think it’s likely due to the fact Products are a custom object created in SF. Anyway I can get around this and pull that data into Zapier? I’d like to pull the the Product Name, Quantity, and Unit Price to the corresponding fields in Scoro. 


Thanks in advance!

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5 replies

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@staxie can you please share some screenshot so I cna have a clue 😃 of your Zap configuration

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Hi @staxie  some questions:

THe user that is used for connecting Zapier to Salesforce has permissions in Salesforce to see the Custom Product Object?

Validate the access for that user profile of that object in Salesforce.


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Hey there, @staxie! Thanks for reaching out and welcome to the Community!

I wanted to share this juuust in case it’s helpful:

I know they mentioned this in your support ticket as well but confirming the sample you’re testing with has data for those fields populated is always worth double checking. If it doesn’t, closing an opportunity that does have Product Name, Quantity, and Unit Price listed and refreshing your zap should hopefully sort this out!  To be honest, I think you may be onto something regarding those fields being considered custom objects in Salesforce though. I wonder if the Scoro app supports them? 🤔

I can see you opened a ticket with my friends in support - I’d actually recommend continuing to troubleshoot with them to get to the bottom of this! 

Keep us posted either way though! 😊

Hi @rafaelsanchezrd thank your for your reply. Yes the user is myself and I am an admin user on Salesforce so I should be able to see everything but I cannot find it in the Zap set up

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Hey @staxie just checking in here! I checked out your open ticket with support who said:

My understanding so far is that your intended workflow is:

  • when there's an Updated Field on a Salesforce Record matching specific criteria
  • create a New Quote in Scoro 

The current issue is that you cannot map the following Salesforce custom fields in the Scoro step: Product Name, Quantity, and Unit Price. 
Do I have all of the above right? If yes, could you please send a screenshot of the problem you're experiencing? If you could open Salesforce and show a record with the fields and record ID visible in the recording, that will allow me to look into it further and ensure we're looking at the same thing. is a great resource for this.

Replying there is going to be the best way to continue getting this one sorted! We’ll keep following along to stay in the loop and offer any extra support. 💖