Is there a COUNTIF function in Zapier?

  • 10 December 2021
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Hello I am looking for a way to make the following happen

Step 1: New Spreadsheet Row gets added

Step 2: Count the number of times the company name shows up in the sheet (I am currently doing this with COUNTIF in Google Sheet but since I want to automate this whole thing this formula would also need to be done automatically)

Step 3: Grab the value of how many times the company name showed up in the sheet and check if the company domain that is associated with the company (all in the same row) exists in Hubpost

Step 4.1: If the company domain exists in Hubspot replace the current value of a selected property

Step 4.2: If the company domain does not exist in Hubspot do nothing


What I struggle with is Step 2.

How do I count the number of times the company name showed up in the list without having to manually extend the COUNTIF formula?

Appreciate any help!

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1 reply

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Hey @WeAreDevelopers, welcome to the Community! :)

Hmm, we do have a Formatter (Numbers > Spreadsheet-Style Formula) action but this wouldn’t allow you to use a COUNTIF  formula in the way you’re after.

My initial thought here is that you could try using a Create Worksheet action to add a new worksheet to the Google Sheets spreadsheet.  Then use a Create Spreadsheet Row action to add a row in that new worksheet with the desired COUNTIF formula. That should then allow you to automatically check the other worksheet in the Google Sheets to see how many instances of the company name there are. Depending on what’s output by the Create Spreadsheet Row step you may need to also use a Lookup Spreadsheet Row step to search that row containing the formula and get the result. Do you think that could work?