Inventory integration Wix and Zoho

  • 4 February 2023
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Hello everyone, 

I use Zapier to push Sale orders from shipstation to Zoho’s. Shipstation is integrated with my Wix website, so every time an order occurs in Wix, it jumps to Shipstation and eventually jumps to Zoho’s Sale Order. 

But I realize that even though the Sale Order part is fine. But the inventory is not because I don’t have the Inventory integration, so the stock quantity won’t be affected. 

My goal is to control both the stock (inventory level) and the Sale Order. 

Do you know of a way to do so? Thank you for your time. 

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3 replies

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Hi @Aiden 

Good question.

Have you tried using Zoho Inventory in your Zaps?

Yes, as I have mentioned in my post, I used Shipstation and Zoho Inventory in my Zap to push the Sale Order to Zoho. My Wix is connected with Shipstation, so the Sale Order comes from Wix. 
Unfortunately, I don’t know how to integrate the Wix Inventory with the Zoho Inventory. 
Eventually, I want to control and manage the Inventory in Zoho.

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Hi there @Aiden! 🙂

Are you using the Create Salesorder (Zoho Inventory) action in your Zap?

If so, is the issue that you’re putting in a value into the quantity field for the sales order and it’s not updating inventory for the item that is ordered? Asking because if the quantity is set and isn’t being updated in Zoho then it could be that there’s a bug with the Create Salesorder action. In which case your best bet will be to reach out to our Support team to investigate this further.

That said, you mentioned that you “don’t have the Inventory integration”. So is the issue more that you want to use the Zoho Inventory app in a Zap but don’t currently have a Zoho Inventory plan so it’s not working? 

Looking forward to your reply!