Interfaces - Other ways to show output on the same webpage?

  • 27 February 2024
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Friendly greetings! I’m looking for ways on an Interfaces webpage to as simply as possible:

  • Submit a form
  • Get the results back on the same webpage.

So far I’ve established that Tables can do it (and have text links but not embedded images), and Chatbots can also return output (limited to text output and a Zap button for now).

Are there any other ways that this can be done? Even for example, a dynamic image load (NOT a static image link) that points to content that’s being refreshed by the last form input?

I’d like to do a scenario like an AI image generator, where:

  • You type in your prompt.
  • You see an image refresh on-page.

Visual and minimalist. 

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2 replies

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I just had a thought that perhaps you could add a table component to the Interfaces page that would automatically refresh the page when a row in that table was updated, something like:

But unfortunately after testing it seems that only the individual table component’s contents are refreshed, not the entire page. So the image would not be updated as well. 

The only way I think you might be able to do this using Interfaces would be if you were to embed the Interfaces page within another webpage that you could set up to auto refresh every few seconds. Not ideal I know but doesn’t appear to be any other way around this currently with Interfaces.

So you may want to reach out to the Support team to submit a feature request for an action to update a media component for an existing Interfaces page to be added. As in theory that would then allow the you to update the image via a Zap and should refresh the image that’s displayed, in a similar way to how update actions are handled for Zapier Tables.

Sorry to not have a more immediate solution for this. If I come across any other ideas I’ll be sure to share them with you here.

In the meantime, hopefully another member of this Community will have done something similar in another app and be able to share their solution with you here. 🤞

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@SamB I appreciate you delving into this, in any case. I haven’t really seen anything else about it, so this may be uncharted — yet practical territory, especially because similar behavior is expected on various webpages out there, where you can send in a form and see on-page VISUAL results… if you entered in some info and saw text, image, even a video come back via Zapier.

Some of this might be workaround-able if iFrames can be embedded in a Zapier Interfaces website.

I’ll go and send that feature request… and I appreciate any community ingenuity.