I've downgraded my plan & would like to request a refund for the remainder of the year

  • 23 August 2023
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I have downgraded my plan to a free plan because I am going to stop using Zapier. Now I have downgraded I am unable to get support from a human in the chatbox. 


I would like to request a refund for the remainder of the year that I have paid for. I have seen you have to request refunds. I am also unsure what Zapier means by crediting the account? If I am no longer using the service I will be unable to use it. 


Also, I was unaware until I had downgraded that I would be unable to claim back money unless it was within 30 days of the renewal


Please send help!

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7 replies

Same happened to me. Good luck no refunds. I recommend you switch to monthly and ride out your credit and then migrate to a new service. 

Same here. I purchased an annual plan specifically because of the Twitter component. I saw no information on the possibility they would discontinue that service shortly after i joined, though obviously they we’re already preparing for that. That’s fraud, in my opinion, and you should pass it on to whatever state agency is relevant for you. 

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Hi @Casey D-C, @scott n and @Paul P! 👋

Very sorry for the delay in a response here. For any plan or billing related issues our Billing and Accounts department are the best folks to talk to. Us folks in Community cannot assist on that side of things. You’d want to select Accounts, pricing and billing from the page here:

For free accounts you’ll need to scroll to the bottom of that page to access it:

You can read our full refund policy here for more details on when refunds are granted: Zapier’s refund policy.

@Paul P - please know that was never the intention here. You can find out more about the reasons behind why it was removed here: App update: Twitter integration removal

Hope this helps to clarify things here. 🙂

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Hi @Casey D-C 

Good question.

Billing issues/questions must be handled by Zapier Support:

Thanks Troy. 


Unfortunately that didn't work. Because I have already downgraded Zapier it won't allow me to speak to a human (they have different levels of support depending on the plan you are on and the free plan doesn’t get to chat to assistants as a paid customer would - as far as I can find)  and the bots & the articles don’t help or send me here to ask in the community. I’ve been all through that page and I can't find the support I need. I just need to speak to a human.



It seems my best choice is to pay @29.99 to upgrade for a month to try and resolve the issue. But that seems wild?

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@Casey D-C 

I don’t work for Zapier so I can’t advise, but I’ve flagged your post for a Zapier Community Admin to chime in.

Thank you so much I really appreciate that :-)