i need to confirm someone is a google contact then redirect depending on answer

  • 3 September 2022
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I need to set up an automation with 2 outcomes 

step one 
check google contacts to see if email is present. 

step 2 A
no contact found 

→ redirect to contact profile form → once completed take them back to step one

Step 2 B 
contact found 
→ redirect to invitation request page 

Im using square space & square space forms

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Hi @Harry.Hedo!

The difficult part of this is going to be redirecting people. It sounds like the contact form you have is one a website, is that right? I can’t think of a way for Zapier to tell Square to change the webpage displayed to users. 

You can send and receive webhooks with Zapier, so if you could set something up where the webpage waited for a call from Zapier to direct the user to the correct page, that might work but I’ll be honest, I’m not a web developer and don’t know how that would work!


In terms of setting up Zaps so that there are different outcomes based on whether or not a contact is found, you can definitely do that. You could either use Paths (if you have a Professional Zapier Plan or higher) or you can achieve a similar effect using filters and creating more than one Zap. You can learn more about how to do that here:


In either case, in any Zap search action, there’s a field called ‘Zap data was found’ which gives a true or false response depending on whether or not the information being searched for was found. You can use that field in the filter step. 


So, you might not be able to do this by directing people to a webpage, but you could ask them to submit their details and then send a follow up email to them based on whether or not they are currentl a contact.


I hope that helps get you pointed in the right direction!