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I need an Object ID from to add in Hubspot

  • 11 June 2020
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I’d like to integrate some data from to Hubspot

I started with trigger “new emails sent” and it required “object ID”. For once it was at dropbox, but know I do same operation and there are no option like “object ID”

Can you help me with this issue?


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Hey there,

Similar question as above.  I am looking to update my line items in hubspot upon sending or closing a PandaDoc.

Would my steps look like this?

1. Trigger in PandaDoc upon sent/completed

  1.  Find Deal
  2. Find Line Items
  3. Update Line Items


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Hey @LK638


It sounds like Nick’s solution will work for you here too 🙂


You need to add a Find contact step between the MailChimp step and the Update Contact step. Use the Find Contact step to search HubSpot for the contact using their email address. That step will give you the contact’s ID that you can use in the Update contact step. The full Zap would look like this:

  1. MailChimp New Unsubscribe
  2. HubSpot Find Contact
  3. HubSpot Update Contact (use the ID found in the previous step for the Contact ID)

I hope that helps!

Hi @nicksimard 

I have a similar issue, but I am trying to update existing contacts in HubSpot.

I’m trying to update unsubscribes & am being asked to set a placeholder for object ID. As HubSpot uses email as the unique identifier, I thought this would work but I am getting an error saying that this needs to be a numeric value.

I’m assuming that this means the HubSpot ID but I dont’t have this in MailChimp. 

I could manually import them but this is a lot of leg work - is there another option?

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Hi @Anna11!

Based on what you’ve mentioned, it sounds like you’re trying to update something in HubSpot and it’s asking you to add the Object ID. Is that right? If that’s the case you first need a search step that finds the object in HubSpot. So if it’s a contact and you currently have the Update Contact action, you would first need to add a Find Contact step, which will then provide the Object ID that you need in the update step.

In your case, it sounds like you’d find the contact by searching for the email address that gives you. Can you check to see if that will work for you? Thanks!