I’d like to transfer the participant list from a Cvent event to EveryAction and mark a contact's attendance status

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I’d like to transfer the participant list from a Cvent event (people who checked in to the specific event) to an EveryAction event. So that I can mark a contact registered/attended/no-showed for that event.

There’s an option of Attendee Status for Cvent as source app, but there’s no event-related option for EveryAction. Is there a workaround to import that participant data to EveryAction?


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Ah, thanks for the context, @ycliu! With no actions/fields supporting events, I’m thinking Ken’s recommendation may be the best bet here.

I might recommend reaching out to my friends in support to request this feature though. While it doesn’t guarantee this will be implemented it at least puts this on the app developers radar as something their users are interested in seeing. 

You could even reach out to EveryAction directly since this app is owned and maintained by their team! Sometimes it helps to hear directly how you’re using their product. 

Sorry to not have better news but appreciate you reaching out in community! 🙂

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Thanks, @ken.a ! That’s my last option. I was hoping to map the cvent data to the Event field in EveryAction. For context, you can create events in EveryAction and mark whether a contact attend or not for each event. 

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Hi there @ycliu,

Here is how I see the Zap for the workflow that you have in mind:

  1. Trigger: Cvent (Trigger on New and/or Updated Attendees)
  2. Action: EveryAction (Create or Update Contact)

By configuring this Zap, you'll be able to import participant data from Cvent events into EveryAction and mark contacts as registered, attended, or no-showed based on the “Note” field in EveryAction step.

Hopefully, this helps! 😊