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  • 15 June 2023
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We have deals

The deals have contacts

There are multiple contacts assigned to a deal

Association labels have been used to identify the various stakeholders to a deal.


Due to multiple contacts associated with the deal it makes automating slightly harder,


I can find the associations to the deal,


The association labels show up, however, it has ‘no data’ even though they are assigned in Hubspot,


Is there a way to find the association by label in zapier

See below the individual ID’s for the contacts next to ‘Deal to Contact’ but there should be 1 under Landlord and 1 under Purchaser, which are the labels names… but no data connected


3 replies



Unfortunately not,

As such I ended up having to not use Hubspot as it was too frustrating!!

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Were you able to get this working going direct to the API?  I have a very similar issue.

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Hi @MichaelW 

Good question.


One thing to check is to make sure the HubSpot data you are using to test the Zap step actually has those values set in HubSpot.


Otherwise, an advanced approach may need to be used to get the desired data.

That would involve using the HubSpot API.

Zap action: HubSpot - API Request


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