How to use Zapier to recognize/click hyperlinks in an email and summarize them?

  • 20 July 2023
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Can zapier already recognize/click hyperlinks in an email and summarize them? Please help Im just new in this platform “:(

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2 replies

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Hi there @dianarose - welcome to Zapier and our Community 😀If you are still getting to know the platform, might I suggest checking out our Learn resources: - they are a great way to get some early Zapier knowledge under your belt!


So the best way to think about Zapier is “when x happens, do y action”- it sounds like you want a Zap that says “when there is a hyperlink, click it and summarize the page?” 


Zapier can’t “click” a hyperlink for you, unfortunately. It could, for example, pull out a hyperlink into a Google Sheet and store them for you to look at. But maybe I’m not fully understanding your request. If you have a minute, can you explain in some more detail what you are looking to accomplish? Is the link to the same site, or different sites? Do you have a place where you want to store that information? 


Hopefully those questions get you on the right track. 



Thank you Rachael, this is really great help! The task was supposed to create weekly digest of some newsletters, those that contain hyperlinks to be directed to the main articles, and these main articles are what I was hoping to summarize. They could be same site or different one, and then create a doc file in drive.