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How to upload specific attachment from Gmail to G Drive

  • 13 March 2020
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Hi All, 

Have some little problem here

Right now i manage to have a Zap set up that is working 95% of the time, unfortunately i am having problem with the remaining 5% of the time

My Zap is scanning new email that contain attachments and sending it to G Drive before sending it to the cloud printer. Unfortunately,When a .pdf and a .png (in the form of an email signature) gets uploaded to the Drive, Zapier Zip them together and the next process gets halted

I dint see a way for me to specifically tell my zap to just upload .pdf files .Is there any work away with it?


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Hi @EliC!

It sounds like you’re currently using the Gmail New Email or New Email matching search trigger, is that right? If you might have more than one attachment on an email, you might have better luck trying the New Attachment trigger for Gmail. 

The New Attachment trigger will trigger the Zap every time you get an attachment on an email, and it will trigger for each attachment separately. To make sure that only the attachments that you want are added to Google Drive, you can use a filter step to stop the Zap, unless it’s a .pdf file. Here’s a help guide on how to use filters in case you’ve not given them a go before:

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Hi @Danvers 




Yes, that was what i use which is  “New Email matching search trigger”

I tried using the filters much earlier but i just cant seem to have it work


I’ve try using the following with test email

Attachment filename (Text) Contain .pdf - It fail as the image001.png, 20200313154911674.pdf got picked up and let the .png file through

Attachment MIME Type | Exist by using a .PDF sample earlier to specifically exclude /png but as soon i try to include a test email with image/png, application/pdf the filter let everything through

I dont see a way to have the filter set up to target a specific file type. Would really appreciate your help in this

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Hi @Danvers 


Sorry to bother you but we are in midst of a Covid-19 shut down that is happening tomorrow and we really need to automatize thing before we all leave the office . Can you guide me regarding the filter?

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Hi @EliC I’m sorry to hear that things are hard because of the shutdown. 

You need to use the Gmail New Attachment trigger instead of the New Gmail Matching search trigger. With this trigger, the Zap will trigger once per attachment, so you’ll be able to se up the filter to use the ‘file name contains .pdf’ filter as the other files wont be there. You’ll also likely need to set up a couple of other filter conditions so that the Zap will only continue if the emails match the conditions that you need (so that the Zap wont process every pdf file you receive.)

​I hope that helps, please let me know if you have any questions!

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hi sorry i forgot to inform i did follow your suggestion to use  “ Gmail New Attachment trigger “ but i cant just seems to get the filter to work by allowing in PDF and disallowing others. As you can see from my test, It allows the PDF and .Jpg to be uploaded into G drive . 

attached is pictures of the filters and zap, i hope you can provide some insight to it


Edit : I finally got it! i select the attachment details filename and “text contain” filter and it finally worked! It doesnt work on attachment but this does!

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Woo! Nice work @EliC :raised_hands:

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Back again with another question this time

After receiving the email containing select attachment, I would like to send an automated email out to acknowledge that we have received the email to the sender so i tried to use “Reply to email in gmail” however the result is again problematic 

At the “thread” field, i selected the thread that matches my 1st email that i wanted in the sample field. The zap does reply to it accordingly . However after i received 2nd,3rd email . The zap will still send the replies to the 1st email thread

How do i solve the issue with this Thread field?

What i need would be something like this


Edit, Did some searched and found the correct thing . Thread ID will give an error, i solve it by using Message ID