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How to unsubscribe old email address from marketing messages

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I changed the email address on my Zapier account, but the marketing emails (from Zapier) are still going to my original email address. When I click the "Update your email preferences" link in the email, I get an "Email data missing" error.


How can I unsubscribe my old email address from all marketing messages? 


Best answer by Danvers 9 May 2023, 17:24

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Hi @Social Jazz!

I followed up with the Support Team on this and they’ll be chasing it up on their end from now on. You were right to go to the Support Team first as we can’t help with issues related to accounts or billing here in the Community. 

Fingers crossed this gets sorted for you soon!🤞🏻

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@MohSwellam Thanks for the idea, but that didn’t work.


After the email is changed (in the Zapier profile), you can only log in with the new email address. The only way to log in with the old email address is to revert the profile (back to the old email). I actually tried that too, but when I switch back to the old email, all the “Email subscriptions” are already turned off. 


I’m guessing that this is a bug in the email marketing system. I tried to report it to Zapier customer support, but they just sent me here, to the community forums 🤷

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Hey there @Social Jazz,

I wanted to let you know that we have a helpful article that might assist you with your email notifications. Here:

Please let me know if that helps. 😊

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@ken.a Thanks for the link, but I’m sorry to say... that it did NOT solve my problem. I’ve already tried all of those steps.

My issue is a weird edge-case with the notification system that happend after changing the email address on my Zapier account. I’m pretty sure it’s just a bug in the notification system -- and my old email got left on some marketing list -- and now I can’t change the notification settings for that old email...


I tried (but failed) to convince the Zapier support team to pass the bug report along to the dev/tech team.

At very least, it would be nice if someone at Zapier could manually remove my old email address (from any marketing emails), because nothing I do works. I really don’t want to start flagging Zapier emails as spam, because it could hurt their deliverability, but that might be my only option.

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Hi @Social Jazz 


I think you have to be logged in to Zapier with your old email in order to be able to unsubscribe.