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How to trigger a Zap on the first Thursday of every month?

  • 19 July 2019
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I know that the Schedule by Zapier app can trigger a Zap on a specific day of the week, or a date in a month but what if you need to trigger on a specific day of the week in a month?

Let's say I need to create some invoices on the first Thursday of each month, does anyone have any thoughts on how you could do that?


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Hey Tyler!

You can do this by using a few of the 'by Zapier' apps 🙂

To start, use Schedule by Zapier to have the Zap trigger on the first day of every month.

Then use Formatter by Zapier to create a Lookup Table. In the table use the field 'Pretty Day of the Week' as the Lookup Key. Then depending what day of the week it is, you output the appropriate number of days that the Zap needs to wait before continuing eg If the Zap is triggered on a Wednesday wait one day, if it's a Friday wait 6 days:

image.pngFor the third step, use Delay by Zapier to tell the Zap how long it needs to wait before continuing with the other actions. Use the output of the Formatter step for the 'Time delayed for' value and choose 'Days' as the unit.

image.pngThen you can add the action steps that you need to create the invoices after that!

Has anyone else tried this? Or used another solution for the same question? I'm curious to see if anyone has a different approach!