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How to tag a specific user on Slack from a Google Form entry?

  • 14 August 2023
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Hi all, 

I have the following Zap: 

  • A specific Google form is linked to Zapier and whenever there’s a new entry the Zap sends a message to a specific Slack channel. 
  • The first question on the form is ‘Who is your Team Leader?” and the answers are written as follows - “@John Doe” or “@Jane.Doe” so that whenever the message is sent the respective Team lead gets tagged automatically in the Slack channel. 

The problem I’m facing is: 

  • Slack users that have <space> in their Slack username are not tagged automatically (example @John Doe).

I have tried using Paths so that I can use the <@SlackUserID> in the message the Zap sends but there aren’t that many Paths available as we have Team leads 😅

I have been trying to find a solution here on the Community but to no avail. 

Any help would be appreciated 🙏🏻Thank you! 



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6 replies

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Hello @Dimana D. I recorded a loom for you to explore possible other ways to solve this. You can have a look and hopefully it helps you.

Loom : 


Do let me know if it helped you

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Hey @TechTaps and thank you so much for your video above! 

For clarity - the Google Form already has the list of team leaders pre-filled and the picklist is written out in such a way that it contains the @-sign and the TL’s name as it appears in Slack but that’s when the issue with the [space] happens. 

To your suggestions, here’s what I’ve tried: 
Text Editor option 
Didn’t work when tested, even though in Slack when I write @ JohnDoe together the person gets tagged no matter that they have a [space] between their first & last names. 

I’m using this option to send my Slack message in the Zap, not sure if there’s any other way. 
Also, I’m not sure how the option with “Find e-mail” will work for the output in my Zap. 

Happy to jump on a call if you have the time and if you think it’ll be easier to figure it out this way. 
Thank you again for the help! 

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Sending you a private DM @Dimana D 

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This has been resolved.

Solution : 
1. Get Full Name from Google Forms Trigger

2. Search user in Slack using Full Name

3. Send Channel Message and input the Slack Handle that was retrieved from Step 2

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That’s fantastic, @TechTaps! 🙌

Huge thanks for taking the time to share how you and @Dimana D resolved it - I’m sure this information will benefit many other folks in the Community too. Thanks again! 🤗

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Thank you once again for your time @TechTaps 

Your help is very much appreciated 🙏🏻