How to send Whatsapp templates with Shopify?

  • 15 June 2022
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We use Trengo, a customer service ticketing system, in combination with a newly setup Shopify store. Connecting them so far has worked seamlessly as expected, but we’re running into a challenge when it comes to sending customers an automated Whatsapp template created within Trengo when they place an order in our Shopify store.

Testing this Zap works just fine when placing an order through the Shopify backend, but it turns out our company uses AWS Cognito as authentication platform which holds all of our customer’s contact details.

Is there in any way a chance for us to create a Zap that makes it happen for the Whatsapp template to be send? And if yes, which zap integration would we need to get AWS Cognito to work?

The Zap should probably be looking something like this: Shopify (new order: any status) > AWS Cagnito shares customer details with Shopify > Trengo gets triggered and send the Whatsapp template message to the customer.

We have attached what we have so far, but if there’s a different solution we can use to make this happen, we’re all ears.

1 reply

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Hey there, @The Wizard! Thanks for reaching out!
Hmm, interesting. Are you receiving any specific error messaging in your zap or zap history? 
I took a peek and AWS Cognito isn’t listed as a supported app in the directory at the moment, so I’m not 100% how we’d authenticate customer info. 😔

I can see you were able to open a ticket with our friends in support though so hopefully between theirs and the community 🧠 power we’re able to arrive at a solution for you!