How to post Discord message across multiple channels?

  • 15 March 2022
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As the title says I can get it to post on a single channel but not on multiple. I can’t seem to wrap my head around how it’d work?

I have a specific channel that I will post the message to and I’d like to copy it to other specified channels included in that message.

#main-team #academy #production
We’re having a meeting at 7.


This way I can inform 3 groups of people who don’t have access to each other’s chat without having to post there myself.


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1 reply

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Welcome to the Community, @Manosnaruto

Ah, the Send Channel Message is designed to send a message to a single channel, so this is the expected behaviour here.

There’s a few ways you could workaround this though:

  1. Looping by Zapier: You could create a loop of the 3 different channel ID numbers that need to have the message posted to. Then, in the Channel field on the Send Channel Message action, select the channel ID (as a custom value) that’s output from the Looping by Zapier step. That way, when the Zap runs, each channel would have a copy of the same message posted to it. Find out more here: Loop your Zap actions
  2. Additional steps: You could add 3 Send Channel Message actions to your Zap, each set up to post a message to a different Discord channel.
  3. Duplicate Zaps: If you’re on the Free plan and can’t add additional steps, then you could make copies of the Zap and set each Zap up to post a message to a different channel.

Hopefully the above workarounds are useful! :slight_smile: