How to manage calendar with paid time slots?

  • 13 March 2022
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Short version: I’m looking for the best combination of apps to make a calendar with paid time slots


I'm a member of a dojo that hosts various events related to body and mind health.

I'd like to create a system to help and expand the dojo's activity.

The current business model is simple :

  • The owner of the place (a friend of mine) rents the rooms to teachers he knows

  • Teachers run workshops there and pay for the rent (hourly, weekly, monthly, it depends).

At the moment, all the logistics are done "by hand" and are very tedious.


To bring more clarity, I want to centralize all the dojo's activity into a single calendar.

Teachers could register to the system, buy a number of time-slots, and schedule these slots in the calendar (It could be one-time events, weekly classes, etc.)

The calendar would be displayed publicly on the website’s home page, so that students can see what activities and workshops are scheduled.

In future versions,  the system may also be able to accept students' registration payments (and not just teachers' time-slot buying)


What apps could I combine to achieve this?

I was thinking of :

  • a CRM for the membership part (where teachers can see how many time slots they’ve bought)
  • Shopify to create a “time slot” shop (teachers would add time slots to their cart and proceed to the payment)
  • Any good calendar system

But I haven’t found how to connect everything with zaps.
For example, having a calendar that forbids new entries if the user doesn’t have enough time slots in their account.

Any advice? Thanks!

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Hi @cidj 

Apps like Calendly and Acuity offer paid appt bookings:


See similar Zap apps: